Hey. This is an updated version of longWriter's Mists of Pandaria talent grid maker, which allows a seventh tier.

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News (February 26, 2016):

It's getting harder to keep up with Blizzard's changes; in the middle of my revisions through the different classes' talent grids, I discovered that nearly all the melee DPS specs' PvP grids had been changed at tier 2 to conform to the Arms Warriors' PvP tier 2.

That...and more icons are coming in. I had to clear out some unused weapon icons to make room (Google only lets me have 10,000 files at a time), but I think I've gotten all of them...for now, at least...

I've fixed the Balance Druid control so that it no longer redirects to a Demon Hunter page, as well.

News (February 13, 2016):

Finally: the PvP talent grids actually have buttons that let you jump to them!

Blizzard's added new icons for demon hunters, and I've grabbed those. I also missed a whole bunch for monks, too; those are in the monk page, now.

News (January 9, 2016):

I didn't quite get all the icons last time, so I've added more.

In particular, there are plenty of icons for the PvP talent grids, which I hope to add soon. (Glad I left in the ability to make six-row talent grids with this tool!)

News (January 1, 2016):

I've been ignoring this talent grid-making tool for too long! Time for some Legion-related updates!

You've probably been seeing a lot of the Legion talent grids I've been making over the last few weeks. Obviously, some of the icons aren't quite what they have officially, but that's mostly because I haven't downloaded those icons...until now, that is! You'll find all the icons from WoWhead back here! ...Until the next update, that is...with my luck, they'll probably release more information within hours of me deploying these updates to appspot!

In any case, I've replaced the "import from MoP" button with a button that lets you load up the default Legion Alpha talent grids, instead---the old Mists of Pandaria talent grid tool, sadly, no longer exists; the version of Java it was running on is no longer supported.

I'll be updating the Legion talent grids I've made to use the new icons, and I'll also be making PvP talent grids as well over the next few weeks.

News (October 31, 2014):

In retrospect, it probably would've been better to have added a seventh tier months ago.

To be fair, I tried to get a new version of the code out there in July, but I discovered, to my shock and horror, that Google had been and gone and changed the rules on me: I could no longer deploy Java-6 code to their app engine! I couldn't update the site's code at all!

So...I had to make a completely new site, reusing the old code, but with Java-7 instead of Java-6.

Besides that, I've been caught up in other projects, including WoW, Then and Now, a card game I'm trying to build, and a platformer. Juggling four different projects meant that something had to go on the back-burner...and that something was this talent grid maker app; sorry about that, but...well, better late than never.

On the edit screen, you'll see a new button that says "Import Grid from MoP..." That button will let you enter in the grid ID for the grid you want to import from the MoP talent grid maker, and when you click OK, it'll copy most of the data over---you might need to specify the class, but that's about it.

I've had to erase a large number of icons in order to make room for the Warlords of Draenor icons, so you'll see a lot of empty spaces on the icon selection pages in edit mode. Oh, well: I made sure that I never erased icons that any had actually used for any of their talent grids (I have code that checks to see what icons are unused), and I tried to keep the awesome ones :)

Have fun designing your own talent grids, and sorry again for this taking so long!

News (August 24, 2013):

Yes, I'm perpetually slow to update this talent grid maker---I'll likely have a lot to do once the next expansion, whatever it is, rolls around. And I have every intention of updating the default grids once 5.4 rolls around.

I've mostly been working on a platform game and a tool that lets you build your own levels for it; that has consumed a great deal of my free time. It's not quite ready; I'm not sure how many months it'll be.

But it's come to my attention that, for some actions in the Author Management screen, the tool wrongfully auto-bans users. I'm hoping I can find a way to correct this and figure out how and why it's happening; it's certainly not working as intended (as Blizzard would say).

News (March 22, 2013):

I'll admit I've not looked at this site or updated the Talent Grid Maker in a while; I'm updating the default talent grids, doing about two grids per day---I've already done the Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, and Mage grids, and I plan to work on the Monk and Paladin grids yet this evening.

I won't say I've abandoned this project, but I will say I'm spending my time working on something entirely different. You can expect me to stop by and update from time to time (meaning maybe once every few months), but on the whole, my time will be spent elsewhere. Sorry if this is a disappointment.

I've added some icons to the rogue, monk, priest, and warlock pages. I had to delete four older icons to make room for a few new icons; they were a skull, a mushroom, an outland offhand item, and an achievement icon that showed 5 marks tallied up---in each case, there was an icon almost exactly like it right next to it. This probably won't interfere with any of your talent grids; if it does, then you should be able to compensate easily enough.

News (July 17, 2012):

I've made a lot of changes to how things work under-the-hood with the tool---for those of you who're into technobabble, I've switched from session attributes to request attributes. Hopefully, that'll fix a few things.

News (June 22, 2012):

Sorry it took so long to address the bugs with commenting; I think I have everything fixed at this point. If there are more issues, please create a talent grid with comments to let me know what's going on---and please let me know about what you were doing before the bugs cropped up; that can sometimes give me some clues about what might've happened to cause the bug.

I realize that the default talent grids are off from what's current in the beta; I plan to update them over the next few days.

News (June 18, 2012):

I'm going to see what I can do about the bugs that are cropping up when you try to leave feedback on your own thread; I've been able to reproduce the bug on the site, but not on my local test environment. I've deployed a tool that will hopefully let me look into it and get to the bottom of what's going on; I'll get this figured out and fixed as soon as I can.

News (May 24, 2012):

Just what we needed: more icons.

Pretty much every time I add some icons, I need to erase some to make room. So I've added a tool to the site that lets me see which icons people use, and from there, I can use another program on my laptop back home to see what icons people DON'T use. And from those, I can determine what I can and can't delete.

So if you've got your eye on an icon and don't want it to disappear, use it. Even if it's in a dummy talent grid, or a hidden talent grid, use it, so that my find-used-icons tool will pick it up, and I'll know not to erase it later when Blizzard gives pushes more icons through the Beta.

News (May 20, 2012):

More icons have arrived, but to make room, I had to remove the non-prime glyph icons, some mount icons, and most of the darkmoon faire deck icons.

I'd like to acknowledge that I've not been keeping up to date with the default talent grids. As such, if someone else wants to help me out with them, I've got an option with the tool that lets me save a talent grid someone else makes as the default talent grid for a given class. So if someone else updates their favorite class's default talent grid, I can copy their work onto the tool's default grid.

If not, I'll try to be better about updating the default grids.

What I'd really like to do is buckle down and get some real work done on the Does Blizzard Really Hate Gnomish Engineers video, and another video I want to do before that one called "Does Blizzard Really Hate Progression?" that's more about MoP as a whole.

News (May 14, 2012):

I've added a few more icons, and I've tried something that I'm hoping will fix the "browse by rating" feature. That feature worked perfectly in my test environment; I'm not sure why it's not working properly on appspot.com, but I saw one possible fix online, and I'm trying it now...here's hoping...

To make room for the new icons, I ended up erasing about ten really generic-looking bow icons, all of the icons were mostly blackspace. I don't think anyone will miss them.

News (May 10, 2012):

I've been hard at work getting a feedback system in place. It took WAY longer than I'd expected it too, and since there's another project of mine that I'd like to work on, the Does Blizzard Really Hate Gnomish Engineers video(s), I don't think I'll be adding more enhancements to this tool any time soon.

I've also added a whole slew of icons that Blizzard has added in the past month.

Sorry about the long swaths of time it's been between default talent grid updates; hopefully, I'll have more time for them, now that I'm not coding the feedback system updates.

Again, you're only allowed one comment per talent grid---it's not like a message board where you can post a comment, leave a response, then post another: you get one comment per grid. The purpose of the link that you can put in your talent grids is so that you can easily link to a thread in a forum and discuss your talent grids there.

To make room for all the new icons, I had to erase some icons from the "other" page. What ended up going was: the severed head icons for the original 8 playable races (male and female), the severed human and elf ears, and the Argent Tournament faction icons. Those seemed like they wouldn't make good talents, so I took them out. Sorry if this screws your grid over...

News (April 13, 2012):

Happy Friday the 13th, all!

There's been an influx of icons, and I've had to delete a whole bunch of chestpiece icons---they didn't seem too popular as talent choices, so I doubt anyone will miss them. I took out a bunch of generic-looking shoulder items to make room, too---here's hoping there's enough room for all the new icons Blizzard's hitting us with!

You'll be pleased to know I'm working on a new feedback system. It will allow for one comment per talent grid per user---sorry it won't look like a message board; that's what the link is included for. It will also allow for a "thumbs up", a "thumbs down", or a "mixed bag" to be added. And, yes, there will be a sort-by-rating feature in the Browse screen, too. Unfortunately, coding this feature is slow going---it really reminds me of why I didn't include it in the first place, but people are asking for it, so I'll work on it.

News (March 25, 2012):

I've made updates to the default talent grids to get them to match what's in the Beta---or at least what was on the Beta as of March 22, 2012, when zhanmushi89 posted the information on his youtube account. Props to him for doing so.

Since Blizzard is being slow about updating the talent grids on their official site, I am unabashedly using that as an opportunity to market this site as having the Beta's talent grids easily available for our viewing pleasure---and this site also happening to be a tool that lets you build your own talent grids. With any luck, that'll increase traffic and make this site more popular.

I've deleted a few icons from the "other" page---more specifically, the scarabs and 10 of the 12 "data crystal" icons. I really need to make some room once more MoP icons become available. Sorry if you were using those...

News (March 24, 2012):

Thanks to MMO-Champion posting a huge number of new MoP icons, I've been able to add a whole slew of new icons to the tool. Not to mention a new category of icons: the Monk and Pandaren Icons category.

There's enough information out there to construct a tentative Monk talent grid, as well. It's out there!

Just to give you all a heads-up, this app is very, VERY close to the limit for the number of icons I can have. As such, if I need to add any more, I'll need to delete some icons. The first ones to get the axe will likely be some of the new armor pieces in MoP---in particular, the gloves and chest items will be the first to go. Next on the list would be the shoulder icons, then the helms---though I want to keep those cool-looking rice hats around if I can. Maybe I'd take out a few achievement icons, too---ones like the WotLK Raid acheivement ones that look very similar to each other, in particular. (Don't wanna touch the rainbows!) I've already erased about 60 unused shoulder armor icons to make room for the new MoP icons. Sorry if I erased an icon you were using, but I think you'll find some substitutes easily enough for those colored generic shoulderpieces :)

News (February 18, 2012):

Blizzard has updated their talent grids, and I have been working all day today and yesterday evening to add the icon Blizzard has added. That's more involved than you'd think; I need to resize them, get them into the proper categories, and then test to make sure I've not botched it and added a broken link to the code.

Also, as I've promised, I've updated the default talent grids to reflect the changes Blizzard has made.

One additional piece of news I believe to be important: I no longer have that annoying banner screaming at you to change your nickname---I've discovered that, even after you've changed your google nickname, that banner doesn't go away. I'm still not sure why it doesn't go away, but instead, I'm going to set it up so that it nags you to set your "author signature" to something other than your email address if you try to save it with your email address in that field.

News (February 4, 2012):

I think I've worked out all the bugs, now. Some talent grids that were bugging out earlier are now readable, and as administrator, I now have the ability to rename other authors' talent grids.

I've changed the "author" signatures of all the talent grids that have a user's email address in them so that they no longer show email addresses, and I've changed all the talent grids that erroneously had "(you)" in the author field. I tried to provide logical screen names for the people whose signatures I changed; sorry if you dislike the names I put down. You can change them yourself any time you like in the edit screen, in any case.

Sorry for the exposure of your personal information, guys. I hope that the system I've set up now is more airtight, and that you haven't had any problems as a result. I guess the warning messages I had when I first deployed this tool weren't quite enough to prevent people from having their email addresses exposed, but I've learned my lesson, now: if you want a user not to do something, then don't give him the option.

If there are any additional issues or bugs, please let me know by sending me a youtube PM. My screenname on youtube is "longWriter" (big surprise).

News (February 2, 2012):

I've gotten a chance to work some of the bugs out of the system. For instance, the author field should no longer say "(you)" when you do a preview before saving your grid, and the author preferences screen should be working.

However, I still don't have my tools for changing authors' signatures done, yet. As such, it'll be Saturday at soonest before I can actually change the author signatures to ensure that no one's email addresses are exposed.

Sorry for the delay.

News (January 25, 2012):

I've added a number of features to the talent grid app. For instance, you can now double-click a talent in "view" mode, and that will keep the description of that talent open until you click the "close" button---that seemed necessary, now that there are a lot of long talent descriptiosns. Also, you can now set the "author" signature of your grids after creating them, and it won't even let you save a talent grid if you have an "@" in your author signature, now. I.e. no more exposing people's email addresses to the world. I have a few debugging tools at my disposal, now, and there's also an Author Management screen that shows you all the grids you've created and lets you rename or re-sign them.

Note that, by February 2, I will be resetting the author field of any grids that still have an email address in the author signature.

This doesn't mean you won't still be able to edit your talent grids; you will---the signature field will simply be different, and you can change it after I have changed it. I just don't want people's personal information to be easily available, and at a guess, Blizzard is holding off on stickying my thread and making it known to the world that this tool exists partly on account of the liability involved in showing the world your email addresses.

So please change your author signatures on your existing talent grids before then if you can. If not, I'll be changing them for you.

News (January 3, 2012):

For months, I was feverishly working on the Pearl Simulator, hoping to advocate a resource mechanic that the game hasn't yet seen.

Then I realized, just before Christmas 2011, that what the world needs, right now, is a better way to give feedback about the new talent system that's going into World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

So I shelved the Pearl Simulator, so I could make this Create-Your-Own Mists of Pandaria Talent Grid Tool.

I hope this helps get the creative processes flowing, I hope it helps give better feedback, and I hope that it helps make the game better in the end.

(don't feel obliged to click this...unless you really, really want to!)